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Handheld GPS for Hiking, Trekking & the Great Outdoors

Garmin InReach

InReach SE+ & InReach Explorer+

Garmin Handheld GPS Units

Garmin has a long history of producing handheld units for hikers and people working in the field. (We still know people who swear by their Garmin 12!)  A number with a varying range of attributes are currently available.

NEW in 2017!

Garmin InReach Range

Satellite communication and GPS. If you travel in difficult and dangerous areas or you just want that extra bit of safety then this could be the device for you.
InReach SE+
InReach Explorer+

Click HERE to see more information on the InReach range.


eTrex 20x

Garmin eTrex Range

Amongst the most popular GPS handheld units ever made.
eTrex 10
eTrex 20x
eTrex 30x

Click HERE to see more information on the eTrex range.


GPSMap 64s

Garmin GPSMAP Range

For the hardcore outdoor enthusiast and those whose work takes them to very out of the way places the GPSMap series are very a good option.


Click HERE to see more information on the GPSMap range.


Oregon 650

Other Garmin Handhelds

Handhelds with that little bit extra. Touchscreens, inbuilt cameras and more.

Oregon 650
Montana 680t

Click HERE to see more information on the Other Garmin handhelds.

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