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Map Data & Software for GPS devices

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Ozi Explorer

Ozi Explorer interface

waypoints in Ozi

Waypoints in Ozi Explorer - it's easy to replace the auto numbered name with descriptive text.

image from Ozi Explorer 3d

An image of the hills to the west of Adelaide from Ozi Explorer 3D showing the atmospheric effect. This image used 9sec DEM height data.

Ozi Explorer

GPS Mapping Software (Full Edition)
(includes OziExplorer 3D demo)

A great Australian product which is also widely used outside of this country, Ozi Explorer will work with data captured from the most populars brands of GPS including Garmin, Magellan, Silva, Lowrance and others.

Plan your trips in advance and upload waypoints and routes to your GPS. Add notes and features to the maps on your computer to aid you in your travels.

When a laptop is connected to a GPS, Ozi Explorer can be used to show an on-screen display of your current position. You can follow a previously calculated route or update your journey's progress in real time.

Utilise Ozi Explorer with maps you have prepared yourself or with professional map data on disc such as NATMAP Raster Mosaic and Fullers Adelaide and SA Country Towns.

Some maps on disc come with Ozi Explorer Lite mainly for map viewing but the full version of the software offers a far greater range of features.

GPS connectivity is only available with the full edition of Ozi Explorer.

Ozi Explorer tooltips

Ozi Explorer has an extensive toolbar menu with almost everything you might want a mouse click away. Detailed "tooltips" help you quickly learn what each button does. 

Don't forget: If you are new to Ozi Explorer we run an Introduction to Ozi Explorer course. Contact us via the details in the header and footer on each page of this site to book your place in the next one.

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Program Extensions

Ozi Explorer CE is available for Windows mobile devices for AUD$42.50.

An Android version for tablets and smart phones is under development.

These are considered extensions of the main program and are purchased separately to but not in place of the main program. The user might do their map preparation work on their desktop or laptop and then transfer the data and maps to their mobile device. Some functions such as setting way points and tracks can be done in CE or Android but these versions don't replicate all of Ozi Explorer's capabilities.

Ozi Explorer 3D comes with the main program as a limited function demo . It requires DEM data (digital elevation model) to work.  It needs to be licensed for full functionality AUD$42.50.

Garmin City

City Navigator Australia & New Zealand.

Garmin TOPO
Australia & New Zealand

Garmin TOPO Australia & New Zealand

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Garmin Map Data

Garmin map data once came on a disc but these days it arrives on an SD card or via download. 

City Navigator

City Navigator lets you navigate the streets with confidence. This product provides detailed road maps of nearly 1.3 million km of roads, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads throughout Australia and New Zealand. It also displays more than 640,000 points of interest throughout the countries, including restaurants, petrol stations, lodging, attractions and railways.

Gives turn-by-turn directions with street names (eg: "Turn right on Main Street") on compatible devices so you can navigate to any address or intersection.

Includes navigational features, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance and speed categories.

Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers.

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Garmin TOPO Australia & New Zealand

Get enhanced topographic detail on your compatible device whether you're in the outback or on a main boulevard in the city. This map provides a wide array of topographic information from terrain contours, elevations and summits to coverage of perennial and intermittent lakes, rivers and streams in Australia and New Zealand. Features include:

  • Provides topographic terrain contours at 20m intervals, approximating 1:100K maps for Australia and 1:50K maps for New Zealand, plus summit points for detailed lay of the land.

  • Shows land cover and complete coverage of Department of Conservation huts, camps and tracks for New Zealand, as well as LINZ 50K map sheet names and boundaries for New Zealand.

  • Contains tracks, outback trails, 4WD destinations and hydrographic features, including lake/river shorelines and perennial and seasonal streams.

  • Includes famous outback routes, such as Birdsville, Strezelecki, Oodnadatta and Canning Stock.

  • Provides elevation profile on compatible devices so you can estimate terrain difficulty.

  • Displays national, state and local parks, forests and reserve areas.

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LMT - Lifetime map updates are downloaded from Garmin's website.

For our customers:

Map Data from gpsShop and The Map Shop

We created our own data on an SD card including 1:250k topo mapping of Australia as well as additional maps of South Australia, parts of South East Asia and more.

This card is only available to people who bought their GPS from the gpsShop or The Map Shop. It is already included in the map data accompanying the Seeka and available to our other GPS customers for only AUD$50.

If you didn't buy your GPS from us we won't sell these items to you.

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