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Garmin Pronav 100

Garmin/Pronav 100 from the early 1990s
It wasn't a hand held item but a rig which could be rack mounted in place aboard the boat or aircraft.

Welcome to gpsShop

We sold our first GPS rig in 1992. That means we have over 20 years of experience in this field. How many other current retailers of GPS units can say that?

It was called a Pronav 100 and retailed for around $4200 Australian. A large heavy unit with a big lithium battery it required an external antenna and could also run from an external 12 volt power supply. The company originally targeted aeronautical and marine enthusiasts as GPS for hikers or cars was still in the future.

They changed their name to Garmin in the early to mid 1990s and today we continue to sell their products and others. We have GPS units for hikers, 4WDrivers, in car navigation as well as other specialist types including trackers and usb "mouse" antennas. We have even developed our own product, the Seeka.

A GPS unit is one thing but to maximise your GPS experience we also sell accessories including a range of maps, data and software . Products for pre-planning and tools for travel or field work.

If you find the whole GPS experience too technical and a bit mystifying you should know we also run courses that help you get a good grip on the GPS as a useful tool and some of the accessory software involved, notably OziExplorer.

Finally, if all the above wasn't enough we also sell the best backups a GPS user can have; maps on paper, travel atlases and map books. Detailed topographic maps and generalised tourist maps. We even sell magnetic compasses.  We are part of The Map Shop, the largest map shop in Australia.

As you look at our website please note that our contact details are top and bottom of every page. If you have a question then please contact us.

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